Key West in the fall

To follow up my last post on the fall in Valley Forge, here’s the fall in Key West.  This Thanksgiving weekend wander-around-the-island shoot clearly shows the difference between the two regions.  These photos were mostly taken by Brendan for his photography class.  I’d say he has a nice touch to it. I’m on a roll […]

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Merry Christmas

To all my fellow Christmas-celebrating people, I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.  I am pleasantly home in the Keys right now where it’s a cool 73 degrees out.  However, what you see above is in Manchester, England’s Christmas market, where it was a bit cooler.  That’s right, the first of many […]

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A new way to see photos

Sometime last year (I think), Microsoft unveiled its Flash competitor, Silverlight.  When version 2.0 came out sometime recently, it brought with it Deep Zoom.  I won’t give any more details about it, but it lets you create fun ways to present photos (read more about it by clicking here).  Well, a developer came up with […]

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Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up.  I’m heading to Europe for work and fun tomorrow night.  My itinerary goes something like this: Leave PHL at 10PM on Tuesday, arrive in London at 10AM on Wednesday. Drive about 3 hours north to Kingston Upon Hull Watch 3 surgeries on Thursday morning Drive 1.5 hours west […]

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