This is the personal blog of Jordan Sangerman.  Actually, I’m Jordan, and these are my photos.  Or at least the best of them.  Hopefully as we get deeper into posts, the photos will get better, but that’s to be seen.

I can’t remember what triggered it, but for some reason I woke up one day in late 2006 and wanted a DSLR to start getting serious about photo taking (known as photography to those with an expansive vocabulary).  So for Christmas that year, I got a Nikon D50.  I actually wanted a D40, which had just come out, but am so glad I was given a D50 instead.  For almost two years, it was the greatest thing ever.  Sadly, on a trip to Toronto in October 2008, I left the camera in an ATM, and my baby was gone.

Now, I’ve got the latest from Nikon, an amazing D90, and I love it!  Between my latest baby (D50 who?) and Adobe Lightroom (no Photoshop here!), I hope I can put together some photos you enjoy.