so we went to the miami e-prix…back in february


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After having never gone to an NFL game (I think), I went to two this year.  During opening week, on September 11, I met Shayne and her boyfriend in Baltimore for an excellent Ravens-Steelers game.  With the number of former Hurricanes they have, I was definitely cheering for the Ravens, and it was nice to […]

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getting started

I tried to show Dory how to use my camera a couple of months ago when she went to one of my water polo games.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out very well, but she did accidentally come up with this one. Advertisements

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all about the U. right?

One of Dory’s best qualities is that she can watch the Canes with me.  Although the season didn’t go as we wanted, she still made a good model for some free-lensing fun. Advertisements

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summer sports

I’m pretty late on this one.  Over the summer, I organized an Orthovita team to play in the volleyball league in our corporate center.  We had a pretty horrific regular season, going 3-9 and finishing 6 of 7.  That was just enough to get us into the playoffs.  In the first round, we killed the […]

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