friends are great

Here’s the for reals last of the wedding weekend.  It was a great time with old friends from school.  And I finished it up with some really awesome colors from around the French Quarter.  Lastly, the rings; I couldn’t pick just 1, so you get 3. Advertisements

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gabe + robbie: the wrap-up

And here are the last from the wedding.  It was a great wedding and a wonderful time back in New Orleans with my friends.  I may have a few more from the weekend down there, but this is the end of the wedding photos.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them. The next two are our Tulane […]

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gabe + robbie: the fun part

Here’s a good collection of photos of the wedding party and the reception.  There are a few more to come tomorrow. Advertisements

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gabe + robbie: the ceremony

You’ve seen the dance rehearsal and everyone getting ready for the wedding.  Now here’s Gabe and Robbie’s wedding ceremony. Advertisements

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gabe + robbie: getting ready

And we’re back!  Again.  Here is the next set of photos from the wedding: everyone getting ready.  Next up is the ceremony. Advertisements

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gabe + robbie: preview

Almost a week and a half ago, I shot my first wedding.  One of my great friends from Tulane, Gabe, and his Robbie got married in Boston on August 9th and celebrated the occasion with friends and family on the 14th.  Since I don’t have a lot of weddings to share, I’m going to share […]

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No photos on this one, but this was too interesting to not mention.  Does anyone else notice anything odd about this weather map? I just got a text from Matt down in New Orleans saying it was snowing.  Sure enough, there it is. Speaking of snow, for the next few weeks, the forecast for this […]

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