New look!

Are those larger photos?!  Why yes!  I’ve realized the size of the photos on this blog are a lot smaller than those on…well, just about every other photoblog out there.  Even Facebook can display larger photos.  So I’ve increased the width of the photos by over 25%, to a size larger than most other photoblogs.  […]

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Tulane – Army

Back during the first week of October, I went up to NY for the weekend to catch up with Kira and JJ.  On Saturday, we went up to West Point for the Tulane-Army football game.  Before the game, we ran across Jay and Jena LeBlang and a few other guys.  So we watched the game […]

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Off-Topic: Welcoming Criticism

Criticism is a touchy subject for a lot of people.  In general, we (beings of the astronomical object we know as Earth) don’t take kindly to criticism.  How many people enjoy being told they suck at life?  We don’t like to be told we don’t know how to drive properly, we don’t know how to […]

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NY Shapes (sort of)

Shayne was up in New York during October.  So I went up there to catch up with her, Jonathan, Lauren, and Troy.  We basically spent the day walking around, so here are a few things I caught.  Oh, and the newly-opened High Line is a really nice park on the West Side. Advertisements

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Building a foundation

If you’re one of the 2 people who get to this page by going to, you might be interested to know that there’s a new address that will get you here.  As the first step to building an infrastructure for the photography business i may never start, i have registered the address  That […]

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I’m on a boat

I am slacking with this.  Ok, more posting more often.  Anyway, here are the rest from my July 4th weekend home.  Here are a few more from our Saturday at Boca Grande and a couple from Sunday at at Looe Key.  I miss the water. Advertisements

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