falafel, shawarma, or pizza – day 10

Saturday, Day 10, was our last day in Israel.  Thus, this is the last post from my February trip to Israel.  We started the day with a talk by an Israeli intelligence expert on a brief history of the issues between Israel and the Arab countries.  It was very interesting, but, as you can see […]

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falafel, shawarma, or pizza – day 9

After this, only 2 days to go.  And instead of splitting them up, I’m putting all photos from a single day in one post.  Day 8 was a long one, as we spent it in Jerusalem’s Old City.  We woke up early and headed to a city lookout to take a group photo.  We then […]

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falafel, shawarma, or pizza – day 8

Day 8 in Israel was also Day 1 in Jerusalem.  We were up early and made our way to Yad Vashem (יד ושם), the site of Israel’s Holocaust museum and memorial.  The new museum opened in 2005 and reminds me a lot of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in that they both attempt to […]

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falafel, shawarma, or pizza – day 7

Day 7 was another busy one.  After leaving the kibbutz, we took a long, muddy, and green hike along the El-Al River.  As you can see, this was completely different terrain than we saw down south in the Negev.  There was a lot more green, more water, and more cows. After the hike, we cleaned […]

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falafel, shawarma, or pizza – day 6.1

After hanging out with the Druze for lunch, we took a hike on Mount Meron to a point that overlooks Lebanon.  While there, one of our Israelis told us about a military mission he was sent on during the Second Lebanon War.  A soldier had been mortally wounded in Lebanon, and Gilad and his squad […]

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falafel, shawarma, or pizza – day 6.0

It’s another two-post day.  Tuesday was a busy one, which started off with a stop at an archaeological site in Tzippori (ציפורי).  The site, now a national park, holds history dating back to at least the 7th century BC.  While there site has been influenced by many different cultures since that time, we saw and […]

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falafel, shawarma, or pizza – day 5.1

After the farm, we made our way to Sderot to meet our new Israeli friends and eat lunch.  Situated less than a mile from Gaza, Sderot (שדרות) is a small town that has been a target of rocket attacks by Hamas.  While in the town, a member of the local government talked to us about […]

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