I rarely make it into my own photos.  Occasionally someone else will pick up my camera and I’ll be surprised to see me on my computer when I get home, but that’s about it.  So today, after reading a post on Digital Photography School, I decided to take some self-portraits of my own.  I stopped […]


Back to Durham

Back in January, I took a weekend trip down to Durham for the Duke-Miami game.  The game was quite exciting (although I forgot my camera), although Miami did lose.  Of course I got to spend time with Nga and Eric, which is always fun.  Here are some photos from the gardens, starting off with Jesus […]

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It snowed

…a few weeks ago.  I was on the road the night before as the snow was initially coming down, and couldn’t help but stop at the Mini dealership with all the white-covered cars.  The next morning showed what we got. Oh, and I’ve changed the destination of photo-links.  Clicking on a photo now takes you […]

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America’s Best

I went to the Philly car show back at the end of the January, camera in tow, of course.  My goal for the show was to highlight the best that America has to offer.  It’s unfortunate that many people don’t know that the American auto makers actually make some excellent cars.  What you see here […]

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