making it useful


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a dentist’s pumpkin

A week before Halloween, Dory and I carved the pumpkins that we got at the farm.  She used all kinds of fancy dental instruments, and I used a couple of knives.  You can see the results here. Advertisements

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all about the U. right?

One of Dory’s best qualities is that she can watch the Canes with me.  Although the season didn’t go as we wanted, she still made a good model for some free-lensing fun. Advertisements

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friends are great

Here’s the for reals last of the wedding weekend.  It was a great time with old friends from school.  And I finished it up with some really awesome colors from around the French Quarter.  Lastly, the rings; I couldn’t pick just 1, so you get 3. Advertisements

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gabe + robbie: the wrap-up

And here are the last from the wedding.  It was a great wedding and a wonderful time back in New Orleans with my friends.  I may have a few more from the weekend down there, but this is the end of the wedding photos.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them. The next two are our Tulane […]

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gabe + robbie: the fun part

Here’s a good collection of photos of the wedding party and the reception.  There are a few more to come tomorrow. Advertisements

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