Maize mazes and auburn-colored gourds

Here’s the last of the photos from Vermont.  It was a great trip and we wrapped it up at a farm in Rutland.  First a corn maze that we accidentally cheated in, and then pumpkins in the patch.  Followed by an 8 hour drive back, complete with 2 accidents and major traffic.  I hope you’ve […]

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Vermont at night

After our stop at Ben & Jerry’s, we found Vermont’s nightlife in Burlington, where the University of Vermont is.  After watching the horrible Couples Retreat, we drove the two hours back to Hell (our motel in Rutland).  Shayne, of course, slept the whole way, but I made a couple of stops for some shots.  The […]

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Down on the farm

After horseback riding, we wandered around the farm for a few minutes and stopped by the petting pen.  Shayne got friendly with one particular goat.  Then we left for the Ben & Jerry’s factory.  Along the way, we inadvertently drove along what must have been the most beautiful rode in Vermont.  Scenic Route-108 took us […]

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More from the land of falling leaves

Next set of photos from Shaynie’s and my trip to Vermont.  On Sunday we drove up to north Vermont to do a little horseback riding.  It was freezing!  And I didn’t have a heavy enough sweater on, so I wouldn’t let Shayne get gloves out of the car.  If I have to suck it up, […]

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Vermont with Shayne

A few weeks ago I took a weekend trip up to Vermont with Shaynie.  We took a ton of photos, which I’ve narrowed down to about 50 to share with you.  Here is the first set, which includes the Saturday drive up and Sunday morning before horseback riding. Advertisements

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