Germany in December

To follow-up my photos from England, here are photos from my 2 days in Germany.  It was a short trip, but I got to see a good chunk of downtown Berlin with Dani and Georg.  I’m breaking this into two parts, so here are the first.  The first is the wonderful Fiat Bravo I rented […]

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Brendan’s photo in Key West guide

I got an email today saying that a photo of Brendan’s (which I featured in this post) was selected to be included in Schmap’s Florida Keys guide.  Check it out here:

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Trip to Europe

Wow!  I have finally made it to my trip to Europe (which was almost 2 months ago).  This first set is in England: Heathrow airport, my chariot (Ford Focus), and then several around Manchester.  The pictures from Germany with Dani and Georg as still to come. Advertisements

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Two idiot brothers

I’m not entirely sure how most brothers communicate, but Brendan and I often communicate in movie lines.    For example, a greeting of, “Hello puppet” or “Scar!  Brother!”.  Today?  Random languages.  Here’s the email chain: From: Brendan To: Jordan Subject: RE: privet, kak dela? Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 14:41:37 -0500 ok enough of that scar […]

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Last of Key West (for now)

This wraps up my series of posts on Brendan’s Key West outing.  These, obviously, feature the night scene of the island.  Here’s what we’ve got: the famous Conch Tour Train, two of me at the Southernmost Point, Sloppy Joe’s, a streetlight that Bren spent 10 minutes trying to get all three together in, and at […]

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Fire hydrants

Back in August, I decided that one thing I wanted to try to focus on water fire hydrants.  I’d keep an eye out for interesting fire hydrants and share them.  Well, I haven’t taken too many, but I grabbed this one last week on my way home and wanted to share it. Advertisements

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