Revisiting Miami’s purple bridge

This is an old photo I took in May of last year.  Similar photos have been taken a million times, but I thought I’d do something a little different with it.

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At the beach in December

Alright, these are from my holiday trip home.  We’ll kick off with photo of some palm trees that came out quite amazing straight from the camera (why can’t I do them all like this?), then three of my friend Brian (who is one of a few friends from home who I’ve known forever and a […]

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Back to the beach (Part Zwei)

I’ve finally finished up the photos from my early-October trip to the beach.  Yeah, I’m 2 months behind.  With some in this set (including the rest only on Flickr), I wasn’t crazy about how they came out of the camera.  I suppose they were good photos, but they just didn’t do it for me.  So […]

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Back to the beach

I was home in Miami during the beginning of October and wanted to take some photos at the beach.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a terribly nice day for weather.  But I think it makes the photos a bit different.  Also means I need to get a bit more creative with the editing.  Anyway, I these are […]

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