The not so good ol’ days

Now back to the beginning of October, my Momasita was in town, and we took a drive over to Gettysburg, home of that famous Civil War battle (and that’s about all it’s home to).  I can’t even begin to describe how many monuments are at this place.  But I’ll try: a LOT!

Oh, and digital photography is not easy!  Sure it took me only about 2 hours to edit the 20 or so pictures I’ve uploaded so far, but when you’ve still got another 15 or so from an event about a month ago, it adds up.  I’m breaking this one into two, so here’s part one.

UPDATE: I looked again.  I only uploaded 16 this time around (see link at bottom), and I had already done 6 of them.  So it was only about 10 in a little over 2 hours.  I’m going to detail out the process of editing and uploading in a post to come soon.








Not a great photo, but that’s what happens when you hand an SLR to Joe the Plumber.


2 thoughts on “The not so good ol’ days

  1. I just read your “about”. We put everything through lightroom as well. I love that program – makes everything so much easier/quicker. I still enjoy photoshop though.

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