Happy Thanksgiving

Oh it’s been a while.  I hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving.  It’s one of my favorite holidays of the year, but any day that revolves around food and family is a winner.  Here are a few photos from my dinner.

While we were down in the Keys, Brendan had a project for his photography class to take care of.  So we wandered around Key West taking all kinds of random photos.  Spent a few hours out, actually.  And then another couple of hours out on Thursday night.  Eventually I’ll get those shots of his up.  There are some really good ones.  Maybe next time he’ll have a useful camera so that I can take some of my own as well.

Turkey hat 

They're fake!

Candle pattern

Thanksgiving rest



5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. You can definitely tell it’s a Florida Thanksgiving! I’ve never seen a Thanksgiving table setup outside 🙂 Certainly makes for better pictures!

  2. Actually, if you look closely in the last one, you can see people wearing jackets. Yeah, it was chilly.

    But that’s how we do the holidays in the Keys. Same thing goes for Christmas.

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