Germany in December

To follow-up my photos from England, here are photos from my 2 days in Germany.  It was a short trip, but I got to see a good chunk of downtown Berlin with Dani and Georg.  I’m breaking this into two parts, so here are the first.  The first is the wonderful Fiat Bravo I rented to drive from Hannover to Berlin.  This photo was taken at a rest stop I stopped at to grab some food.  Unfortunately when I walked in, it was a buffet and, of course, everything was in German.  I was too scared to get anything.  So I remained hungry.

Fiat Shot

Bright Wall

Happy Face

Dark Cathedral

Walking Man

Reflection Flag


One thought on “Germany in December

  1. Haha, where was the spirit of adventure – but seriously a buffet at a rest stop?

    Nice shot of the two lampposts. Was that in Berlin?

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