Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up.  I’m heading to Europe for work and fun tomorrow night.  My itinerary goes something like this:

  • Leave PHL at 10PM on Tuesday, arrive in London at 10AM on Wednesday.
  • Drive about 3 hours north to Kingston Upon Hull
  • Watch 3 surgeries on Thursday morning
  • Drive 1.5 hours west to Manchester and spend the night
  • On Friday morning, fly from Manchester to Hanover
  • Drive about 2.5 hours across northern Germany to Berlin
  • Fly back to Philly on Sunday afternoon

So, if you ever happen to be wondering where I’ll be over the next few days, now you know.  Of course that means I won’t be adding any photos, but I’ll be taking plenty over the trip and will add some almost as soon as I get back.

Oh, and I will be watching the wonderful EuroTrip on the way over.


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